Wheat Scandal, Pakistani Military Under Fire, Gaza’s Shadow over US Politics

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Pakistan is grappling with the aftermath of the explosive wheat scandal, which preliminary estimates suggest has resulted in losses exceeding a billion dollars for the national exchequer. However, amidst the turmoil, there has been no accountability within the country’s deeply entrenched and compromised civil-military leadership.

Despite the military-backed government of Shahbaz Sharif initiating an investigation, there is widespread skepticism among the Pakistani populace regarding the potential outcomes. This skepticism stems from the belief that the key figures implicated in the corruption scandal wield immense power and influence within Pakistan’s toxic political landscape.

Beyond the wheat scandal, various regions of Pakistan are experiencing unprecedented protests and political unrest, with the latest unrest occurring in Azad Kashmir. Media reports from May 11 revealed casualties, including the death of a police officer, during violent protests in Azad Kashmir sparked by the government’s removal of subsidies on electricity and wheat.

These events paint a bleak picture of Pakistan’s current trajectory, with no clear signs of positive change on the horizon. To delve deeper into the underlying causes of Pakistan’s turmoil, senior journalist and author Ehtesham Arshad Nezami engages in a discussion with senior journalist and analyst Jehangir Khattak, seeking to understand why Pakistan finds itself engulfed in the unending crisis.

Courtesy: Ehtesham Nezami Youtube channel


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