US Thrashing of Pakistan Starts New Debate on Military’s Role in Cricketers Fitness

By Jay Rover | Situationer
The US team outclassed Pakistan in every department of the game. (Photo via video stream)

In a thrilling showdown at the ICC T20 World Cup, the United States cricket team shocked the world by defeating Pakistan in a nail-biting match in Dallas. This unexpected victory, decided by a Super Over, showcased the US team’s determination and skill in a sport not widely popular in the country. Led by captain Monank Patel, the US team’s exceptional performance in all aspects of the game led to a historic win that left fans and critics alike in awe. Not only that, it dragged an unexpected player into the country’s toxic sports culture – the military, which, uninvited, took it upon itself to ensure the players’ physical fitness.

Pakistan lacked tactic, skill, spirit and effort throughout the game, giving the US space to dominate from the outset. Pakistani batsmen were casual and inconsistent. The majority of Pakistani players seemed unfit as well, with many dropping catches, misfielding, and showing a lethargic overall attitude. Pakistani is the only cricket team in the world that received special physical training at Pakistan Military Academy in Abbottabad where instead of focusing on cricket, the players were passed through military-style training which had little to do with the sport.

The way Fakhar Zaman and Azam Khan (the world’s most overweight cricketer) played, sounded like they were playing cricket for the first time in their lives. Azam Khan especially failed once again to earn some respect for his selectors at the Pakistan Cricket Board, that has become a hub of intrigue, favoritism and politics. Mohsin Naqvi, a blue-eyed of Pakistan’s military chief General Asim Munir, who was entrusted with the additional task of overseeing cricket besides running the country’s interior ministry in recent months, was especially widely criticized for his irrational handling of the cricket body. Skipper Babar Azam seemed completely unprepared, depressed and without a strategy.

The performance of Pakistan’s pace battery was no different. None of the Pakistani bowlers were impressive. Unlike the American bowlers, who were precise and maintained tight line and length, Pakistani bowlers were awkward, indisciplined, casual, unimaginative and lacked a winning strategy that could get them early wickets. May it be unscripted Shaheen Afridi, or casual Mohammad Amir, or ill-disciplined Haris Rauf or Naseem Shah, or Iftikhar or Shadab, none showed the intention to win the game.

With the US team setting a target of 19 runs in the Super Over, the pressure was on for Pakistan to match or surpass this total. However, the Green Shirts faltered under the immense pressure, managing to score only 13 runs. The Super Over drama unfolded with each ball, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats until the very last delivery. The US team’s resilience and composure in the crucial moments of the match ultimately led to their victory and solidified their place in the tournament.

Babar Azam’s decisions were also extremely questionable throughout the game. The biggest surprise of his poor captaincy came when he sent in Fakhar Zaman and Iftikhar for the Super Over. Why he and Shadab did not come to bat who had earlier played slow but reasonable innings and were in the best position to play big shots, is beyond any reasonable imagination.

I don’t understand why dint @FakharZamanLive take strike to a lefty seamer – when it is easier for a left-hander to hit through the angle that bowler is tryin to create,” commented former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh on X (formerly Twitter).

Both captains, Monank Patel of the United States and Babar Azam of Pakistan, played pivotal roles in their respective teams’ performances. Patel’s strategic decisions and impactful batting guided his team to success, earning him the well-deserved Man of the Match award. On the other side, Azam’s leadership and contributions with the bat propelled Pakistan to a competitive total.

The US team’s triumph marked a historic upset in the world of cricket. The unexpected victory showcased the growing potential and skill of the American side, highlighting their ability to compete at the international level. The match not only displayed the US team’s cricketing prowess but also underlined the unpredictable and thrilling nature of the sport. This memorable clash will go down in history as a testament to the spirit of competition and the joy of sports.

An embarrassed Pakistan will meet India in New York on Sunday, June 9. While Pakistani team was an underdog but the thrashing at the hands of American team has brought new pressure on the team which must defeat India to keep its chance of entering the next round alive.

Pakistan’s defeat put social media on fire. Cricket fans from around the world. Not just the players, the cricket board but also the country’s military were condemned by all and sundry. Here are a few posts from X:

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