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US Supreme Court

Democratic Leadership Must Learn, Talk Is Cheap

Following the devastating Supreme Court ruling overturning nearly 50 years of what was thought to be settled law, many Democratic elected officials responded with calls to ‘get out the vote this November, and some even boldly asked for campaign donations. What we didn’t hear however from President Biden and leadership in the Party was a move to expand the Court or a concerted push to eliminate the filibuster.

A Supreme Court Scholar Explains the Impact of Dobbs

Social movements, campaigns and elections, all at the state level, will become the main battleground of American rights.

Why We Have the Most Polarized Supreme Court in History

The unexpected passing of Justice Antonin Scalia has had and will have enormous ramifications across the American polity. Prior to his passing on February 13,...

More Gridlock Awaits Washington?

Justice Antonin Scalia, who died suddenly at the age of 79 on Saturday, was the most outspoken and visible member of the conservative bloc...

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