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US-Pakistan relations

What is Going on in Pakistan? And Why Has the US Been Dragged into It?

If a political crisis becomes a law-and-order issue, the army – never far away from Pakistani politics, and seemingly losing patience with Khan – might decide enough is enough and move in. That said, there is little appetite among the population for a military dictatorship.

US Okays Masood Khan’s Appointment After Re-affirming Islamabad as a Strategic Partner

The State Department's latest statement comes amid new optimism and a little thaw in the two countries relations following a few recent developments such as India’s decision to abstain from a UN Security Council vote on Ukraine and a missile deal with Russia.

Why Was Pakistan Left Out of Biden’s Climate Summit?

Given that Pakistan is one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world, Washington shouldn’t write it out of the climate change cooperation script.

Pakistan-US ‘On-Off’ Relationship

It is easy now to criticize Pakistan's leaders of the 50s for becoming a member of the Baghdad Pact in 1954, could our armed...

Post-Mansoor Pakistan-US Relations

In an apparent damage-control attempt, David Hale, the US ambassador to Pakistan rushed for a meeting on May 25 with the boss of the...

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