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Western Allegiance to Majoritarian Rule on Trial

Will the West sanction Afghanistan even if the Taliban and other stakeholders manage to cobble together a mutually inclusive and acceptable government comprising representatives of women and all ethnic groups from across Afghanistan?

Afghan Troops Sought Safety in Numbers – Igniting a Cascade of Surrender

Afghan soldiers chose safety in numbers by surrendering together.

Don’t Expect Face-Saver from Islamabad, Pakistan Tells the West

Pakistan being one of the two critical neighbors of Afghanistan is alarmed not only by the dramatic surge in violence but also about how the U.S. and its key allies are attempting to shift the blame of their failures onto Pakistan.

Afghanistan: Time to Sell Peace, Not Cliches

It seems that all those lobbyists – Afghans, Americans, Pakistanis and Indians – whose livelihoods are tied to anti-Pakistan postulations – find it difficult...

Afghan Women Worry Peace with Taliban Could Cost Them Hard-won Rights

Audience members listen to Afghan parliamentarian Fawzia Koofi speak in 2014. Women’s access to politics increased greatly after the Taliban’s 2001 ouster. Sha Marai/AFP via...

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