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Explaining the Resurgence of Terrorist Violence in Pakistan

Is Pakistan reliving the scary specter of 2013? It may be — the last quarter of 2022 set the tone for the ensuing months,...

Afghanistan: Women are Struggling to Find Their Next Meal under Taliban

Jamila*, a widow living in Herat, lost her husband in a suicide attack about eight years ago. She has an 18-year-old daughter who is...

Ambassador Munir Akram Apologizes over Remarks about Pashtuns

Pakistan's permanent representative at the United Nations Ambassador Munir Akram has tendered a public apology over his racist and xenophobic remarks against Pashtuns at...

Pakistan on the Cusp of Security Breakdown

Pakistan now sits on the cusp of several security concerns. The political upheaval has caused a domino effect that has set into motion too...

Pakistan Tops List of Countries at Risk of Violence: US Think-tank Report

This is the third year in a row that Pakistan has been put at the top of the list of 162 countries facing the highest risk of mass killings.

Pakistan’s Troubled Ties with the Taliban

Pakistan must continue to treat Afghanistan as a policy priority, despite its internal issues. It must also convince the international community of its commitment to peace in Afghanistan and continue to fight for humanitarian assistance to be given to Afghanistan.

Western Allegiance to Majoritarian Rule on Trial

Will the West sanction Afghanistan even if the Taliban and other stakeholders manage to cobble together a mutually inclusive and acceptable government comprising representatives of women and all ethnic groups from across Afghanistan?

Afghan Troops Sought Safety in Numbers – Igniting a Cascade of Surrender

Afghan soldiers chose safety in numbers by surrendering together.

Don’t Expect Face-Saver from Islamabad, Pakistan Tells the West

Pakistan being one of the two critical neighbors of Afghanistan is alarmed not only by the dramatic surge in violence but also about how the U.S. and its key allies are attempting to shift the blame of their failures onto Pakistan.

Afghanistan: Time to Sell Peace, Not Cliches

It seems that all those lobbyists – Afghans, Americans, Pakistanis and Indians – whose livelihoods are tied to anti-Pakistan postulations – find it difficult...

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