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Shama Haider

Assemblywoman Jaffer Announces Shaikh as First Muslim Woman Chief of Staff in NJ

Shaikh is the first Muslim woman to serve as a Chief of Staff in the State Legislature, and Jaffer is the first Muslim, Pakistani American and first Asian American woman to be sworn into the State Legislature.

Pakistani-Americans Jaffer, Haider Make History, Win NJ State Assembly Seats

Dr. Sadaf Jaffer, another Pakistani American, is increasing her lead over her closest rival in the election for assembly district 16 as the postal ballot-counting continues. Republicans strong performance aside, the election brought many surprises across the nation.

Pakistani American Women Candidates Jaffer and Haider Win NJ Assembly Primaries

If elected this November, Dr. Sadaf Jaffer and Shama Haider will become two first-ever Pakistani American and Muslim women to reach the New Jersey state assembly.

Meet the Pakistani-American Candidates for the New Jersey State Assembly

If elected this November, Sadaf Jaffer and Shama Haider will become the first Pakistani American and Asian women to serve on the New Jersey State Assembly.

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