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Military Blamed for the Crisis as Police Storm Khan’s Home, Overseas Pakistanis Furious

Pakistan is on the brink. It has virtually drifted under an alleged military-lead fascism. The situation in Lahore's Zaman Park neighborhood is explosive after...

Why Ms. Marvel Matters So Much to Muslim, South Asian Fans

The South Asian Muslims in particular are excited for her because she not only embodies much of their customs but because she represents a break from the “Muslim equals Middle Eastern” portrayals. Black Muslim participants voiced this last point as well.

Pakistan Records Reduction in Poverty Despite Pandemic: WB

With economic recovery and improved labor market conditions, poverty declined from 37 percent in the fiscal year 2020 to 34 percent in the fiscal year 2021. However, rising food and energy prices are expected to decrease the real purchasing power of households, disproportionally affecting poor and vulnerable households.

December, 1971 – The Military Balance

The Pakistan-India dispute in 1971 was not an ‘armed conflict’ as only the Indian side was armed. What immediately followed Bangladesh’s birth was black, grey and white propaganda, disinformation campaigns, distortions, half-truths, blatant lies, white lies, trivial lies, serious lies, self betrayal and unadulterated partisan brainwashing.

Pakistani National Indicted and Sanctioned for Human Smuggling Conspiracy: DoJ

Pakistan-based Abid Ali Khan allegedly accepted payment in exchange for planning and coordinating the international travel for foreign nationals to travel from Pakistan through multiple countries, including Brazil and the United States, allegedly offered or provided false documents for foreign nationals to use for travel through multiple countries, and allegedly instructed foreign nationals that his co-conspirators would facilitate various parts of the travel between Pakistan and the United States.

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