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Pakistani politics

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Emulating the “Kakar Model”

The election is the only way out of the impasse, a “course correction” is desperately needed for Pakistan. Thomas Paine said that when the public does not fear its government it is called “liberty” and when the public fears the government it is called “tyranny”. Looking at the current scenario, we can easily add that when both the government and public fear each other it becomes “anarchy”.

Will Pakistan’s Crisis End by May 20th? Will Pakistan Go Sri Lanka’s Way? Will Early Elections Be Held?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6dlcHhPmNY] Amreeki Siyasat Ke Shub-o-Roz In this show, Tahir Khan (program host), senior journalist and analyst Jehangir Khattak, and senior analyst Atiq Siddiqui analyze Pakistan's...

Imran Khan’s Strategic Blunders: Blindly Trusted in People, NAB Was Never Under My Control

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBvL1B2uQh4] In a meeting at Bani Gala, Imran Khan explained to Imtiaz Gul how he was surrounded by mafias and how bureaucracy, as well...

Defacto Second NRO

Imran Khan was ousted by “constitutional means”– a no-confidence vote but barely. It was clearly a “civilian coup”, a means of correcting the political balance when it has to be changed within the tenure of an elected government.

Handling Protests in Unsettled Times

Historically speaking, utilizing an anti-western narrative as a political stance has often created a downward spiral in Pakistan.

Imran Khan’s Exit: A Parliamentary Coup?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdeyFan6Xdw] Matrix Media presents another episode of Conversations with Imtiaz Gul. Our guest in this episode is Jehangir Khattak. He is a NewYork based...

A Bangladeshi Perspective: Pakistan Can’t Afford Anarchy

The architects of the judicial coup to depose Imran Khan had underestimated his popularity among the people – from urban to remotest rural areas of Pakistan. It made him more popular and acceptable than ever before and solidified his leadership for years to come, which at the same time cemented further the national unity and solidarity in Pakistan. The private citizen Imran Khan is more powerful and popular than the premier Imran Khan.

Pakistan Finds Itself at a Defining Crossroads

The Imran Khan saga, mired in ‘conspiracy’ has split its domestic front into two camps with increasing political pressure among the Opposition and army.

The Doctrine of Pragmatism and Pakistani Politics

For remaining “neutral” the Army has come in for a fair share of approbation. Because of a lot of motivated fake news being bandied about by those who hate both the Army and the PTI, it becomes difficult to sift lies from the truth.

What’s Next for Pakistan After Imran Khan’s Ouster?

Like his brother Nawaz Sharif, who has been convicted of corruption and is banned from public office, Shahbaz has faced allegations of cronyism and corruption. But this is not unusual in Pakistani politics, where opposition leaders tend to face such charges.
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