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Pakistani American

PACE Organizes July 4th Celebration Event

Progressive American Community Empowerment, the brainchild of two Pakistani American professionals Saeed Hasan and Adnan Bokhari, organized an event to celebrate US Independence Day...

Why Ms. Marvel Matters So Much to Muslim, South Asian Fans

The South Asian Muslims in particular are excited for her because she not only embodies much of their customs but because she represents a break from the “Muslim equals Middle Eastern” portrayals. Black Muslim participants voiced this last point as well.

Senator Schummer, Imran Khan and US-Pakistan Relations

Schummer made headlines in the Pakistani media when he commented on the former prime minister Imran Khan's accusations against the US of regime change, at a meet-and-greet event organized by the American Pakistani Advocacy Group.

Family Convicted of Forcing Pakistani Woman into Forced Labor

Defendants Aman and Rehan Chaudhri face a maximum sentence of 20 years for forced labor. The convictions for conspiracy to commit forced labor and for document servitude carry a maximum sentence of five years each.

Pakistan’s NY Consulate Announces Summer Internship Program

The Pakistan Consulate General New York has announced its 2022 Summer Internship Program for students of Pakistan origin. The consulate announced in a tweet....

Shahid Gondal Laid to Rest in New York Cemetery

Noted New York-based Pakistani American Shahid Gondal who had passed away on Sunday, April 24, in Dallas, TX, was laid to rest in Washington...

Arooj Aftab Becomes First Pakistani-American Singer to Win a Grammy

The New York-based singer has been gaining global attention for her work that fuses ancient Sufi traditions with folk, jazz and minimalism.

New York Community Shocked at the Death of Pakistani Teen

17 years old Hasan Suleman who was the son of a known and respected Pakistani American cardiologist Dr. Javed Suleman, died in a road accident.

Pakistani American Among Barron’s 100 Most Influential Women in US Finance

Barron's third annual list of the 100 Most Influential Women in U.S. Finance honors women who are helping to shape the modern financial-services industry and leading it confidently into the future.

Mass. Secretary of State Candidate Names Pakistani-American Mehreen Butt as Campaign Manager

The Pakistani American attornney is not new to politics. A former legislative staffer, Mehreen was the first American Muslim woman to serve as a municipal elected official in Massachusetts.

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