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Gwadar Port

Pakistan-China Relations Not As Usual Any More

Recent interactions with Chinese stakeholders in Pakistan and Beijing lead to one unambiguous conclusion;  the state of relations is not good. Multiple factors including...

Why is Baloch Youth Frustrated?

What is happening in Balochistan, why is there so much frustration in the province? What do Baloch youngsters in Gwadar think about ongoing development projects under CPEC? Health, education, and technical facilities are still insufficient. Why does the CPEC not inspire confidence among Baloch? Let us watch this report by Imtiaz Gul

Uzbekistan Eyes Pakistan’s Gwadar Port for Exports

A southbound logistics corridor via the Gwadar Port can increase regional connectivity and trade, offering Central Asian states direct access to the deepsea port. Plans are also afoot to connect Uzbekistan with Pakistan via Afghanistan through railway.

Does Iran’s Chabahar Matter?

Is the dispatch of the first Indian wheat gift to Afghanistan via Chabahar only a massive public relations gimmick or is it part of...

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