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Timely Warnings Avert Loss of Life from Surging Glacier in Pakistan

Floods rage through the Hunza valley every year from an unstable lake below the Shishper glacier, but an early warning system gives people time to evacuate.

How Pakistan Developed Winter Sports Despite Hot Climate

Pakistans top skier, Muhammad Karim, is all set to represent his country at the Games in Beijing in February. Karim from Pakistan's northern Gilgit-Baltistan region, 26, is eyeing his first winter Olympic medal, and is hopeful that the Beijing Winter Olympics will play a significant role in his career and boost his confidence given the event's scale and audience.

India-Pakistan Tensions Hit Climate Finance

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has approved ten more projects worth USD 745 million to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to help adapt...

Pakistan’s Biggest Dam Stymied by Land Dispute

The construction of the Diamer Bhasha dam being built on the Indus River, and slated to be one of the highest dams in the...

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