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Friday, June 9, 2023

Comptroller Brad Lander

At $43b in Contracts, NYC is One of the Largest US Contracting Cities: Report

New York City remains one of the largest contracting jurisdictions in the country, procuring $43.23 billion worth of goods, services, and construction, while also...

NY City Agencies Face Staff Shortages: 20+ Percent Vacancy in Critical Positions

NYC Comptroller sounds the alarm on vacancies in essential functions and charts a path to hire and retain a public workforce that can deliver the services New Yorkers need.

NYC Comptroller Outlines Framework for Comprehensive Property Tax Reform

Lander proposes bringing together long overdue reform for overtaxed homeowners with changes to multifamily taxation in the wake of the expiration of 421-a property tax break for new development.

Comptroller Audit Finds EDC Underreported the Costs of NYC Ferry System by $224m

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander released an audit showing NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC) underreported nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in NYC Ferry...

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