Pakistan’s Former Foreign Secretary’s Explosive Revelations: Nawaz, Benazir, Musharraf, Bajwa

By Haider Mehdi

Shamshad Ahmad Khan is no stranger to Pakistanis. He served as the country’s foreign secretary from 1997-2000. He also served as the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations between 2000 till 2002. He is also author of three books – Dreams Unfulfilled, Pakistan and World Affairs and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy Dilemma: A perennial Quest for Survival.

Foreign Secretary Khan, in an exclusive conversation with me, gives his brilliant and explosive insights about Pakistan’s past and current condition and his advice to those with actual power, to save Pakistan from destruction. Do watch this highly insightful conversation from a person who has seen everything! And I mean everything! 

Courtesy: Haider Mehdi Youtube channel

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