Pakistani-American Opens His Farm for Community in Virginia

By Kausar Javaid

Millions of Pakistani-Americans are building their American dream through their careers as professionals, businessman, teachers, and a host of professions in high demand. However, very few have opted agriculture and livestock as a profitable business. Mian Ajmal Khan Khattak is one of those few Pakistanis who has opted for livestock and Halal meat business in Virginia.

Khattak has built an impressive livestock farm and a Halal slaughter house on 35 acres of land he purchased a few years back. Over the years, Khattak, who is from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s capital city of Peshawar, has developed his farm into an ideal retreat for families where they can enjoy the beautiful countryside, a firing range, a hunting ground, delicious BBQ and other activities. He is even building a small cricket stadium on his property. A group of Virgina based Pakistani Americans organized a party to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends. Washington-based senior journalist Kausar Javaid heads to the farm with his friends to enjoy somme quality time.

Video courtesy: Kausar Javaid Youtube channel


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