Pakistani-American Healthcare Company Offers Telehealth Solutions to COVID-Hit India

Founded by two Pakistani-American entrepreneurs, VeeMed has operations globally with offices in the US, Middle East, and Pakistan.

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VeeMed, a leading telemedicine technology, and services company based in California, is offering assistance to the Indian government amid the country’s public health emergency caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Founded by two Pakistani-American entrepreneurs, VeeMed has operations globally with offices in the US, Middle East, and Pakistan.

In an email sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, VeeMed CEO and Co-founder Ijaz Arif said: “We have grown into a diverse team comprising people from many nationalities and backgrounds, including people from India. Our Indian-American team members have helped progress our company to where it is today, working side-by-side with our Pakistani colleagues. Now their extended families are suffering back home, and by extension, our VeeMed extended family is suffering.”

According to a press release, Arif highlighted how VeeMed’s vast network of telephysician services and its VeeClinic solution can help alleviate the crisis. “We are with you,” Arif said. “It’s harrowing to see endless lines of patients outside hospitals, unable to seek medical attention. VeeClinic has proven to be instrumental for doctors and patients alike during the pandemic, affording a convenient platform for physicians to deliver care remotely. We are confident that our platform and services could help in assuaging the crisis.”

VeeClinic is a virtual care solution designed for outpatient settings, enabling physicians to treat patients remotely from the convenience of their mobile device, tablet, or computer. VeeClinic can be deployed immediately to assist India’s hospitals in managing the surge in patient numbers and protecting their physicians and nursing staff from infection. VeeMed is also offering to provide telephysician services to support these efforts.

The VeeMed team also took to social media to offer its assistance and aid. The company posted a message on LinkedIn and various social media channels offering its technology and services to all levels of India’s government to help with the crisis.

Based in Roseville, CA, VeeMed is a global leader in the Virtual Care as-a-Service (VCaaS) space, focused on virtual technology, physician services, and operations. Founded in 2016, VeeMed has the most advanced telemedicine solutions for the entire continuum of care — from acute care settings to outpatient and remote patient monitoring. For more information about VeeMed’s vision for the future of virtual care see

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