Pakistani-American Author Mumtaz Husain Bags Prestigious Book Award

By A Correspondent
Mumtaz Husain is a unique person who is celebrated more outside the Pakistani-American community than its own. (Photo courtesy Mumtaz Husain Facebook account)

Pakistani-American writer, poet, and filmmaker Mumtaz Hussain is no stranger to the community in New York City, known and respected for his passion for fine arts. Husain shines in each genre, may it be abstract, portrait or calligraphy. Over the years, the New York-based artist has proved his mettle beyond the paint and brush. Rather he has emerged as man who is equally good at film-making, writing and critiquing art from his unique imagination and transform into art in its different beautiful colors.

Husain recently clinched the esteemed International Impact Book Award in New York for his compilation of short stories titled “Portrait In Words”.

The International Impact Book Awards serves as a global platform open to submissions from both self-published authors and traditional publishing houses, encompassing both print and e-book formats. Established in 2019, the awards have recognized 886 authors to date.

Hussain’s “Portrait in Words” presents a series of short stories intertwined within a novel structure, exploring multifaceted dimensions of human existence and relationships. He was honored with the award during a gathering in New York attended by notable literary figures of the city on March 30.

Describing the accolade as “extremely encouraging,” Hussain expressed his hope that it would foster a deeper understanding of Pakistani society, its ethos, and the diverse narratives it holds, among American audiences.

Over the course of the past two decades, Mumtaz Hussain, the Pakistani-American creative, has contributed to various artistic domains, ranging from filmmaking and painting to the creation of novels and collections of poetry.

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