Who is Responsible for the Unintended Consequences of Imran Khan’s Removal? Two Perspectives

By Imtiaz Gul

Pakistan has been deliberately pushed into political turmoil and existential economic crisis. Those being accused of creating the mess includes sections of the country’s political elite and its military-lead establishment. The self-created crisis has left the majority of Pakistanis wondering if the move is a deliberate attempt to destabilize a functioning government that had put the country’s struggling economy on the mend? Noted analyst and historian Haider Mehdi discusses Pakistan’s current economic crisis with Imtiaz Gul.

Courtesy:  Imtiaz Gul Youtube channel


Why Drag Pakistan Army in Every Matter When Politicians Cannot Join Hands for Meaningful Reform?

General Amjad Shoaib is a defense analyst whose views are often considered reflective of the thinking prevailing in Pakistan’s military-lead establishment. He says the current situation has brought difficult choices for the military and Pakistan’s corruption-tainted and military-backed rulers. However, he tells Imtiaz Gul that it will not be fair to blame Pakistan’s military or its chief for the ongoing political, constitutional and economic crisis.

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