Community Organization PACE Hosts Visiting Pakistani Journalists Covering UNGA

By A Correspondent
This was the third year PACE organized the dinner for Pakistani journalists visiting New York City to cover the UN General Assembly session. (PakistanWeek photo)
Pakistani American Community Excellence (PACE), a leading community group, organized its third Annual UNGA Journalists Dinner at Tandoor Restaurant in Hicksville, Long Island. Several journalists who arrived in New York City to cover the 78th UN General Assembly session.

A sizable number of journalists from Pakistan and those based in the US and several distinguished members of Pakistani American community attended the event. These included Sumaira Khan, Aftab , Anwer Iqbal, Jehangir Khattak, Fazlullah, Wakeel Ansari, PACE leaders and program host Saeed Hasan, Syed Adnan Bukhari, and several other PACE leaders. Also in attendance were leading community activists including Syed Waseem, Imran Igra and others. Several local politicians, including South Merrick Community Civic Association Predident Berta Weinstein, her husband Joe Weinstein, past president SMCCA Joe Baker who is also a candidate for County legislature District 5 and his wife Chari Baker also attended the event.

At the outset, host Adnan Bukhari and PACE President Saeed Hasan welcomed the guests and gave background of the program. They said this is the third year PACE is organizing the dinner for journalists covering the UNGA. The event included a dialogue that focused on crucial topics such as enhancing US-Pakistan relations, improving Pakistan’s image in Western societies, and exploring ways in which the diaspora can play a role in fostering better diplomatic ties.

The event featured prominent journalists from Pakistan, including editors, reporters, and media experts, who shared their perspectives on the current state of US-Pakistan relations and the role of Pakistani media in shaping perceptions.

The participants engaged in candid discussions about the challenges and opportunities in strengthening the diplomatic ties between the United States and Pakistan. They emphasized the importance of dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding.

A significant portion of the dialogue centered on how Pakistani media can contribute to portraying a more positive and nuanced image of Pakistan in Western societies. Journalists provided insights into responsible reporting and storytelling that can challenge stereotypes and misconceptions.

The forum explored ways in which the Pakistani-American diaspora can actively participate in public diplomacy. Discussions included engagement in local politics, community outreach, and leveraging their influence to bridge cultural gaps.
The Participants recognized the pivotal role of media in shaping perceptions and committed to more responsible reporting to project a balanced image of Pakistan in Western media.
Attendees explored avenues for active participation in local politics and civic activities as a means to contribute to US-Pakistan relations positively.
The forum concluded with a commitment to continue these dialogues and explore collaborative initiatives that will further strengthen the bond between the two nations.

The PACE dialogue forum post-UNGA session provided an invaluable platform for open and constructive discussions. It highlighted the potential for improved US-Pakistan relations, the role of Pakistani media in shaping perceptions, and the importance of the diaspora in fostering diplomacy at the grassroots level. This impact report serves as a testament to the commitment of all participants in working towards a more cooperative and harmonious future between the United States and Pakistan.

Photos Courtesy PACE

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