Outrage after Peshawar Mosque Attack: Empower Civilian Law Enforcement

By A Correspondent

The terrorist attack on a mosque inside Peshawar’s high-security Police Lines has sent shockwaves across Pakistan. Condemnations continue to pour in from around the world as an investigation continues into one of the worst terrorist attacks in Peshawar in recent years. Senior journalist, defense analyst, and author Imtiaz Gul lost his cousin, a police officer, in the attack who was in the mosque to offer prayers. In this very personal Vlog, Gul raises tough questions regarding the attack. He says it’s a puzzle that has not yet been resolved as to how such a large amount of explosives were taken inside the compound and then the mosque, which are inside Peshawar’s red zone. Even officials are still not clear if it was a suicide attack or something else.

Pakistan Week extends its deepest condolences to Imtiaz Gul and to the families of all those who lost their loved ones in the attack and pray to Allah to rest the departed souls in eternal peace.

Courtesy: Imtiaz Gul Youtube channel




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