NYC TLC Announces Upgraded Driver Renewal Course

By A Correspondent
TLC administers more than 100,000 for-hires vehicles. (Pakistan Week photo)

New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) is rolling out an upgraded driver renewal course aimed at enhancing safety, customer service, and accessibility in the city’s transportation network. Launched on April 1, 2024, the revamped TLC Driver License Renewal Course integrates new materials and interactive features to modernize and invigorate the curriculum.

Deputy Mayor for Operations, Meera Joshi, stressed the importance of empowering the city’s cab drivers with tools to navigate their roles effectively and safely, emphasizing the positive impact these resources will have on street accessibility and customer service.

TLC Commissioner David Do reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to public safety, particularly in light of Vision Zero’s significant strides over the past decade. The updated training aims to equip drivers with the skills needed to tackle emerging challenges swiftly, reducing classroom time and keeping drivers on the road.

NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez commended the TLC’s dedication to Vision Zero and passenger safety. The course’s focus on defensive driving sets a precedent for road behavior, promoting safer streets for all, he added.

The course enhancements, informed by extensive feedback from instructors and drivers, feature an interactive curriculum utilizing AI actors and scenario-based instruction. Notably, new video content addresses bias prevention, including the use of gender-neutral language, and reinforces the importance of stellar customer service.

Moreover, the course materials expand drivers’ proficiency in assisting passengers with disabilities, emphasizing non-discriminatory practices and incorporating Vision Zero principles into simulated scenarios.

Drivers will receive a TLC Resource Book for ongoing reference, containing essential information about various services and resources available to them throughout their careers.

In a bid to provide flexibility and accessibility, new TLC-approved schools have been established across the five boroughs, offering a range of price options for drivers seeking renewal training.


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