New York City Reveals Top Baby Names of 2022, Emma and Liam Maintain Reign

By A Correspondent
Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, NNYC. (Pakistan Week photo)
The New York City Health Department has unveiled the annual list of the most popular baby names, revealing that Emma and Liam retained their top positions for girls and boys, respectively, continuing their dominance in 2022. According to birth certificate records, a total of 388 Emmas and 739 Liams were welcomed into the city last year, reaffirming their enduring popularity.

Dr. Ashwin Vasan, Health Commissioner, highlighted the significance of New York City’s diverse community, welcoming newborns like Emma, Liam, Mia, Noah, and others into the vibrant fabric of the five boroughs. Deputy Commissioner Dr. Leslie Hayes expressed the department’s commitment to supporting these new arrivals and their families from the earliest moments, eagerly anticipating meeting the newest New Yorkers.

The list of top names for 2022 showcased a few shifts, notably with Esther entering the seventh spot for girls’ names, replacing Sofia in the top ten. Meanwhile, Alexander secured a spot among boys’ names, displacing Benjamin from the list. Notably, if combined, Sofia and Sophia would top the girls’ names chart. The continuity in popular names underscores their enduring appeal, transcending time and trends.

Beyond the traditional favorites, the names chosen for newborns reflected broader themes of hope, adventure, and connections with nature. Names like Serenity, Journey, Justice, Heaven, and Orion suggested inward reflections and celestial aspirations. Adventure-inspired names such as Maverick, Ocean, and Artist, along with those signifying a precise path like Princeton, Denver, and Saint, added a diverse dimension to the naming trends.

Additionally, a noticeable trend emerged in names associated with nature’s beauty and royalty, with monikers like Luna, Venus, Jade, Sage, Lily, Rose, Violet, Iris, and Lilly gracing the top names list. Notably, royal titles like Prince, Princess, Majesty, King, and even the Game of Thrones-inspired Khaleesi made their mark as some of the chosen names for the city’s newcomers in 2022. This diverse array of names mirrors the rich tapestry of cultures and aspirations within New York City’s vibrant population.

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