Mayor Adams Celebrates $58.3m Investment in City’s Three Library Systems

By A Correspondent

New York City Mayor Eric Adams celebrated the approval of a balanced and fiscally responsible $112.4 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2025. The budget directly tackles the city’s affordability crisis while investing in its future and supporting the working-class people who make New York great.

An. amount of $58.3 million is allocated to fully fund the New York Public Library (NYPL), Brooklyn Public Library (BPL), and Queens Public Library (QPL). This funding will restore Sunday service at all branches that previously offered it and support the opening of newly renovated locations across the city.

Mayor Adams and City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams announced that $42.8 million will be permanently included in future budgets. The City Council passed the FY25 Budget on June 30th, receiving widespread praise from New Yorkers, including leaders of the three library systems. The Adams administration’s strong fiscal management and better-than-expected revenue growth helped close a $7.1 billion budget gap and stabilize the city’s financial outlook.

“As someone who struggled with dyslexia, I know firsthand the importance of libraries for children, families, and all New Yorkers,” said Mayor Adams. “By restoring over $58 million in funding to our public library systems and baselining $42.8 million annually, we’re ensuring stability for our libraries. Libraries provide essential spaces for education, community support, and affordable housing initiatives. Today, we can be proud of a budget that invests in our libraries and our city’s future.”

“Through responsible fiscal management, we have increased affordable housing, supported cultural institutions, and restored essential services for New Yorkers,” said Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer. “Projects like the Inwood Library and The Eliza Apartments demonstrate the success of combining state-of-the-art library facilities with affordable housing. We thank the City Council for their partnership in this budget process.”

“Libraries are more than just book repositories; they offer critical support services that help New Yorkers thrive,” said Senator Robert Jackson. “Restoring full library services means our libraries will be open every day, providing invaluable resources to our communities.”

“New York’s libraries are vital neighborhood institutions, providing career guidance, language learning, and early childhood education,” said Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar. “Restoring $58.3 million in funding allows libraries to open on Sundays, hire staff, and make renovations. This investment is part of our fiscally responsible budget, positioning New York City for growth and prosperity.”

“Public libraries enrich our lives by offering jobs, supporting small businesses, and providing free resources,” said Councilmember Carlina Rivera. “For over a century, our libraries have connected people to valuable resources. I’m proud to support a budget that restores and baselines funding for these crucial institutions.”

“The FY25 funding will enable us to continue providing essential programs and services, including Sunday service,” said Anthony W. Marx, NYPL president and CEO. “Thanks to Mayor Adams, Speaker Adams, Finance Chair Brannan, Libraries Chair Rivera, and the entire City Council for prioritizing libraries in this budget.”

“Brooklyn Public Library is grateful for the restoration of funding in the FY25 Budget,” said Linda E. Johnson, BPL president and CEO. “This funding allows us to reinstate Sunday service and resume vital programs. Baseline funding provides stability and continuity for our institution.”

“We are tremendously grateful for the support of Mayor Adams, Speaker Adrienne Adams, Finance Committee Chair Justin Brannan, Libraries Committee Chair Carlina Rivera, and the entire City Council,” said Dennis M. Walcott, QPL president and CEO. “We look forward to reopening our Flushing and Central libraries on Sundays and continuing to serve the public.”

Starting July 14, branches that previously offered seven-day service will reopen on Sundays. In each borough, specific libraries will be open seven days a week. The FY25 Adopted Budget ensures the library systems can serve 8.3 million New Yorkers and attract visitors every day of the week.

This budget allows the Adams administration and the City Council to reinvest in public safety, rebuild the city’s economy, and enhance livability for working-class people. It includes significant investments in housing, childcare, healthcare, early childhood education, cultural organizations, parks, public safety, and more.

Recent investments include the opening of The Eliza in Inwood, a 100% affordable housing building with community amenities such as the new Inwood Library. Additionally, a new affordable housing project will redevelop the Grand Concourse library branch into a state-of-the-art library. These developments reflect the administration’s commitment to addressing the housing shortage by building more affordable housing across the five boroughs.

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