Imran Khan’s Exit: A Parliamentary Coup?

By Imtiaz Gul

Matrix Media presents another episode of Conversations with Imtiaz Gul. Our guest in this episode is Jehangir Khattak. He is a NewYork based Pakistani journalist. While discussing recent political events in Pakistan, he claims that Pakistanis in the United States are protesting the ousting of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Although a No-Confidence Motion is a legislative right, it is viewed as a parliamentary coup by Pakistanis living abroad. In the West, the competition is not just about political narratives, but also about ideas, and Pakistan needs a robust structure that allows the leader to carry out his or her agenda. Watch the complete conversation to learn more about the cable sent by Ambassador Asad Majeed and how pressure on the establishment is diverted in certain instances.

Courtesy: Matrix Media Youtube channel

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