General Bajwa’s Verbal Attack on Imran Khan, Shandana Gulzar Enters the Fray

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General Qamar Javed Bajwa, one of the most unpopular chiefs of Pakistan Army is speaking up more than his predecessors as he feels the heat of public anger at his negative role now that he is a private citizen. PTI leader and former parliamentarian from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Shandana Gulzar, who also faced a high treason case in recent weeks which was later struck down by the Lahore High Court, responds to Imtiaz Gul’s question as to how Bajwa’s outbursts are bringing the office of the Chief of Army Staff into more disrepute and how he is exposing himself to the application of several laws that he may have violated. “His unhinged interviews” are causing Bajwa more harm than good, she says.

Courtesy: Imtiaz Gul Youtube channel

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