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Emanuel Announces Key Chicago Appointments


Chicago's Navy Pier. (Photo by Robert Lowe, Creative Commons License)
Chicago’s Navy Pier. (Photo by Robert Lowe, Creative Commons License)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has appointed Olga Camargo, a respected financial executive, to The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Board – which oversees McCormick Place and Navy Pier.

According to a news release by the mayor’s office, Camargo, who currently serves on the Chicago Plan Commission, replaces Frank M. Clark who is stepping down from the Board to become the new President of the Chicago Board of Education. Emanuel also appointed Juan Linares, the Executive Director of the Latino United Community Housing Association (LUCHA), to replace Camargo on the Plan Commission.

“Both Olga and Juan bring strong backgrounds into their new roles that will serve the people of Chicago well,” the news release quoted Mayor Emanuel as saying. “McCormick Place has been a key component to Chicago’s economic strength and having strong leaders on the Board, like Olga, will ensure it continues it continues to be a job creator for our city. Juan’s housing experience, and his commitment to thoughtful community development make him an excellent addition to the Plan Commission.”

Camargo is currently Managing Partner at Toroso Investments, LLC, where she advises clients in the public and private sectors, as well as not-for-profit organizations and foundations. Throughout her life, Camargo has been deeply committed to public service. In addition to the Plan Commission, she serves on the Metropolitan Planning Council Board of Governors, and previously served on the City’s Affirmative Action Advisory Board as well as the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership.

The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority Board consists of nine members: four appointed by the Mayor, four appointed by the Governor and a chair elected by the board members.

Linares also has a passion for service, as a member of the Board of Commissioners for the Chicago Commission on Human Relations, as a professor at Northeastern University, and in his leadership in LUCHA. At LUCHA, Linares helps preserve affordable housing in Humboldt Park, West Town and Logan Square and helps families rent affordable housing, obtain adequate insurance and beautify their neighborhoods. His appointment to the Plan Commission requires City Council approval.

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