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Global Warming to Bring Record Hot Year by 2028 – Probably our First above 1.5°C Limit

One year in the next five will almost certainly be the hottest on record and there’s a two-in-three chance a single year will cross...

What Would it Take to Recognize the Taliban?

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, speculation has been rife over whether the group would achieve the global recognition that has...

Deadly Heatwaves Threaten to Reverse India’s Progress on Poverty and Inequality

Record-breaking heatwaves in April 2022 put 90% of people in India at increased risk of going hungry, losing income or premature death, according to...

World Military Expenditure Reaches New Record High

Total global military expenditure increased by 3.7 percent in real terms in 2022, to reach a new high of $2240 billion. Military expenditure in...

Scotland Elects Pro-Independence Pakistan-origin Hamza Yousaf as New Leader

Humza Yousaf, a Scotsman of Pakistan descent, was elected as the new leader of the Scottish National Party and First Minister of Scotland on...

US Dominates Global Arms Trade as Exports to Europe Surge

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has just released its annual analysis of global arms sales, and the top exporter, for the 23rd...

A Perspective from Pakistan: The Ukraine Crisis is Everybody’s Crisis

The Ukraine crisis is everybody's crisis. It is also everybody's conversation that must take place. The brutalities faced by the Ukrainians are heartbreaking and...

4 Signs of Progress at the UN Climate Change Summit

Developing countries are calling for more funding and for changes at the World Bank. Sean Gallup/Getty Images   Something significant is happening in the desert in Egypt...

Queen Elizabeth II: A Modernizer Who Steered the British Monarchy into the 21st Century

Her wisdom and unceasing sense of duty meant she was widely viewed with a combination of respect, esteem, awe and affection, which transcended nations, classes and generations. She was immensely proud of Britain and its people, yet in the end she belonged to the world, and the world will mourn her passing.

Family Business in the Global Economy

The percentage of family businesses to national GDP is 55% in Germany, 60% in France and Portugal, 70% in UK. The numbers for Asian economies are 48% South Korea, 65% China, 67 % Malaysia, 76% Philippines. Even higher the rate is in South America: 75% Peru, 80% Dominica, 85% Brazil, 90% Mexico.

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