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Over $10b Raised as Pakistan Struggles to Recover from 2022 Floods

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW0wizcTGds] International donors on January 9 committed over $10 billion to help Pakistan recover from ruinous floods last year, exceeding its external financing goals...

New York Judge Blocks Pay Raise for Uber, Lyft Drivers

A New York State judge on Friday blocked regulators from raising the pay of ride-hail drivers, saying that the Taxi and Limousine Commission had...

Unemployment Bridge Program to Provide Protection to 750,000 New Yorkers

One of the significant issues in this year’s New York State budget negotiations will be a precedent-setting Unemployment Bridge Program which, if passed, will...

COVID-19 Cases Surging Again in NYC: Health Department

As New York City enters the holiday season, COVID-19 and other seasonal illnesses are seeing unusually high concurrent spikes. To slow the transmission of...

Every 16 Hours, Someone Dies from Suicide in NYC: Health Commissioner

Over the last decade, the overall rate of suicide has remained flat in NYC and is about half of the national rate.

NY City Agencies Face Staff Shortages: 20+ Percent Vacancy in Critical Positions

NYC Comptroller sounds the alarm on vacancies in essential functions and charts a path to hire and retain a public workforce that can deliver the services New Yorkers need.

NYC Approves Increase in Cab Fares after Ten Years

The Taxi and Limousine Commission voted on November 15 to raise to the yellow and green cab meter will go up by 23% and...

NYC Comptroller Outlines Framework for Comprehensive Property Tax Reform

Lander proposes bringing together long overdue reform for overtaxed homeowners with changes to multifamily taxation in the wake of the expiration of 421-a property tax break for new development.

Post-election Thoughts: What Next after Democrats Retain Senate Control?

The November 8 midterm elections were slated to be the most consequential in US history because both the Republicans and Democrats were expecting/fearing (it...

What is a Wetland? An Ecologist Explains

Despite the many valuable services they provide, wetlands are constantly being destroyed by draining them or filling them in, mainly for farming and development. Since 1970, the planet has lost 35% of its wetlands, a rate three times faster than the loss of forests.

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