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U.S.-Pakistan Diplomacy: Balancing Defense Ties Amid Democratic Dilemmas

As Pakistan revives a defense cooperation deal with the U.S. through the CIS-MOA, an emerging amendment in the U.S. Congress threatens to partially offset...

Breaking Pakistan’s Bad IMF Habit

Pakistan’s recent US$3 billion Stand-By Arrangement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has provided much-needed financial relief alongside the financial aid and investment from...

There is Not Even a Pretense of Neutrality with the Launch of ‘Project Kakar’

The long suspense over the appointment of the interim prime minister finally ended with the nomination of a dark horse. The choice took even...

Why the US is not Weighing in on Imran Khan’s 3 Year Prison Term?

The former Pakistani prime minister’s latest arrest comes amid a political purge of his party.

Pakistan’s Political Crisis Distracts from Urgent Climate Challenges

A bruising political fight in Pakistan is confounding efforts to adequately support a population facing severe environmental threats.

The Debate over Military Courts: Pakistan’s Collective National Conscience on Trial

Will the Supreme Court move a notch up from where it left the issue of military courts in 2015? The collective national conscience is on trial right now; judiciary, civil society, the HRCP, large sections of lawyers as well as civilian bureaucracy — all under the awe of the blitzkrieg.

Ambitious Solar Project to Join String of Coal Plants in Pakistan’s Thar District

UK-based Oracle Power tells The Third Pole about a new solar project in the Thar desert, where the company is already exploring coal, as locals express skepticism about tall promises.

Drastic Changes in Ice, Snow and Water in the Himalayas Deserve Attention

Assessment of glaciers, snow, and water in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region shows huge changes in the offing for eight watershed countries.

As Pakistan Goes Under Virtual Dictatorship, US, India Celebrate ‘Democracy’, Partnership

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Washington on a high-profile visit to cement his country's relations with the US. The visit is happening...

A Pakistani University Employs Artificial Intelligence to Boost Agriculture

A member institution of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) in Pakistan, the Iqra University, appears to have spared the South Asian country of...

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