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Dirty, Depleted Kabul River a Risk to Millions in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Scant snowfall in Afghanistan in the past two winters has lowered water flow in the transboundary river, while wastewater from both countries flows into it untreated.

Pakistani Americans, Imran Khan and the US Democrats

They will use their voting power against the Democratic party to punish it because of what they believe Biden orchestrated

View from America: Why Imran Khan’s Coup Theory is So Popular in Pakistan

An irate outgoing prime minister accuses the US of orchestrating his demise in government because he refused to play ball.

Pakistan Finds Itself at a Defining Crossroads

The Imran Khan saga, mired in ‘conspiracy’ has split its domestic front into two camps with increasing political pressure among the Opposition and army.

Pakistan Records Reduction in Poverty Despite Pandemic: WB

With economic recovery and improved labor market conditions, poverty declined from 37 percent in the fiscal year 2020 to 34 percent in the fiscal year 2021. However, rising food and energy prices are expected to decrease the real purchasing power of households, disproportionally affecting poor and vulnerable households.

What’s Next for Pakistan After Imran Khan’s Ouster?

Like his brother Nawaz Sharif, who has been convicted of corruption and is banned from public office, Shahbaz has faced allegations of cronyism and corruption. But this is not unusual in Pakistani politics, where opposition leaders tend to face such charges.

What is Going on in Pakistan? And Why Has the US Been Dragged into It?

If a political crisis becomes a law-and-order issue, the army – never far away from Pakistani politics, and seemingly losing patience with Khan – might decide enough is enough and move in. That said, there is little appetite among the population for a military dictatorship.

Pakistani Politicians – The Tribe of Hypocrites

Hypocrisy on a grand scale is the basis of Pakistani politics. Parliament, the government and its institutions – all have their share of hypocrisy. No wonder politicians and bureaucrats have finessed the art of seldom practicing what they preach. How otherwise would it be possible to observe the wheeling and dealing before the upcoming no-confidence vote?

How Will Pakistan Stay Cool While Keeping Emissions in Check?

In its updated NDC, Pakistan revealed it is working on a ‘Cooling Action Plan’. As need for refrigeration and air conditioning grows, how will policymakers keep the sector in line with climate pledges?

Pakistani Fintech Startup Bazaar Raises A Record $70m in Funding

The funding comes just a month after Bazaar raised $30 million in another milestone in Pakistani startups: the largest Series A in the country’s history. 

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