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Treachery and Betrayal – Bajwa Doctrine Part 2: The Case Against Imran Khan

On 16 April 2022, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa in his address to retired officers of Lahore Garrison, finally let the big fat cat come...

Defacto Second NRO

Imran Khan was ousted by “constitutional means”– a no-confidence vote but barely. It was clearly a “civilian coup”, a means of correcting the political balance when it has to be changed within the tenure of an elected government.

Handling Protests in Unsettled Times

Historically speaking, utilizing an anti-western narrative as a political stance has often created a downward spiral in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Strongman in the Spotlight: Shaheen Sehbai’s Candid Reflections

The Bajwa-Shahbaz picture was pathetic and hurt the hearts and minds of millions of Pakistanis. So was his move to invite him to North Waziristan and make every officer salute him. What has Shahbaz got to do with these operations and terrorists anyway but why give him that opportunity?

A Bangladeshi Perspective: Pakistan Can’t Afford Anarchy

The architects of the judicial coup to depose Imran Khan had underestimated his popularity among the people – from urban to remotest rural areas of Pakistan. It made him more popular and acceptable than ever before and solidified his leadership for years to come, which at the same time cemented further the national unity and solidarity in Pakistan. The private citizen Imran Khan is more powerful and popular than the premier Imran Khan.

‘Revolving’ Political Conscience

The corruption of the political process making democracy a farce is not new to Pakistan, or for that matter confined to Pakistan alone. Asif...

Imran-Putin Rendezvous: Key Takeaways

The visit of Prime Minister Imran would go down in the history books with his supporters and critics having their own interpretations. What Pakistan gets out of this visit and what are the long-term ramifications only time will tell.

How Biden’s Decision Will Contribute to Afghan State’s Collapse

President Biden can change the course of history by amending his executive order so as to keep Afghanistan's assets untouched, faciliate infusion of cash into its economy and continue with the good policy of sending humanitarian aid to one of the wold's poorest counntries.

Pakistan’s Economic Woes: Eating Cakes on a Credit Card!

Pakistan's economic policies under the watch of Prime Minister Imran Khan may have contributed to increased tax collection, and high growth in exports, but the costs are long-term and unbearable for the working class.

Lynching in Sialkot – Why Being Ashamed is Not Enough

Pakistan's toxic political culture and confused state vision for nationhood have created extreme contradictions, which have thrown it on a self-destructive path.

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