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At $43b in Contracts, NYC is One of the Largest US Contracting Cities: Report

New York City remains one of the largest contracting jurisdictions in the country, procuring $43.23 billion worth of goods, services, and construction, while also...

LI-based Community Leaders Celebrate MLK Day

The Pakistani American Community Excellence, a Long Island-based community organization, held an event to commemorate Martin Luther Jr Day at a restaurant in Hicksville. “Today,...

NYC Mayor Adams Under Fire for Cutting Libraries Budget: NYT

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is facing criticism and growing opposition over his planned cuts in the budget for city libraries. Libraries serve as...

NYC Health + Hospitals Now Serving Culturally-Diverse Plant-Based Meals

NYC Health + Hospitals has announced it is now offering plant-based dishes as the primary dinner option for inpatients at all of its 11...

New York Judge Blocks Pay Raise for Uber, Lyft Drivers

A New York State judge on Friday blocked regulators from raising the pay of ride-hail drivers, saying that the Taxi and Limousine Commission had...

Unemployment Bridge Program to Provide Protection to 750,000 New Yorkers

One of the significant issues in this year’s New York State budget negotiations will be a precedent-setting Unemployment Bridge Program which, if passed, will...

COVID-19 Cases Surging Again in NYC: Health Department

As New York City enters the holiday season, COVID-19 and other seasonal illnesses are seeing unusually high concurrent spikes. To slow the transmission of...

Every 16 Hours, Someone Dies from Suicide in NYC: Health Commissioner

Over the last decade, the overall rate of suicide has remained flat in NYC and is about half of the national rate.

NY City Agencies Face Staff Shortages: 20+ Percent Vacancy in Critical Positions

NYC Comptroller sounds the alarm on vacancies in essential functions and charts a path to hire and retain a public workforce that can deliver the services New Yorkers need.

NYC Approves Increase in Cab Fares after Ten Years

The Taxi and Limousine Commission voted on November 15 to raise to the yellow and green cab meter will go up by 23% and...

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