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Travelogue: Overhauling the Kingdom

Saudi Arabia is changing, transforming its cities into modern urban centers. MBS’ key project is the futuristic city of Neom in Tabuk Province north of the Red Sea in northwestern Saudi Arabia; incorporates smart city technologies and functions as a tourist destination.

Foody Thoughts! Making Nan Khatai Without an Oven!

Making mouth-melting Nan khatai recipe without oven. It's a 4 ingredients desi style nankhatai biscuit that can easily prepare on the stovetop at home kitchen.

An Amreekan Tale – Pakistani American Wajahat Ali’s Dreams and Nightmares

Ali’s new book Go Back to Where You Came From is about: America’s perversions, its fetish for white dominance, its violences, its booby traps and hypocrisies. The book doesn’t feel dreamlike in the way a David Lynch movie does, but dreams are a recurring theme—sweet childhood fantasies, real-life nightmares, symbolic visions.

‘Shahzia Sikander: Extraordinary Realities’ at RISD Museum in Providence

Utilizing performance and various media and formats to investigate issues of border crossing, Shazia seeks to subvert stereotypes of the East and, in particular, the Eastern Pakistani woman.

Foody Thoughts! Chicken Tikka Biryani

Chicken tikka biryani is one of the best biryani recipe that people love to eat in sub-continent especially Pakistan and India. Golden chicken pieces marinated in tikka masala and roasted in a pan make a perfect layer with basmati rice. The smoky and steamy tikka biryani with charcoal aroma tempts to eat everyone.

Riz Ahmed: Breaking All Stereotypes

Riz Ahmed’s Oscar nomination alone marks new beginnings. Not least because his character has nothing to do with his own culture, religion, country of origin or, indeed, the color of his skin

Burundi Requires Greater Innovation

Since the announcement by  Burundian President, Pierre Nkurunziza, to run for a controversial third term in early 2015, political instability across the country –...

Ukraine on the Brink of Kleptocracy

On January 3rd former Georgian President Michael Saakashvili’s plea for asylum in Ukraine was turned down, removing a key obstacle to deport him to...

Asia’s Other Nuclear Standoff

With the world focused on the scary possibility of war on the Korean Peninsula, not many people paid much attention to a series of...

Spain’s Kosovo-Catalonia Conundrum

Consistency is a virtue. It demonstrates one’s principles, creates predictability, and insulates oneself from charges of hypocrisy. But as with any virtue, its excessive...

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