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December, 1971 – The Military Balance

The Pakistan-India dispute in 1971 was not an ‘armed conflict’ as only the Indian side was armed. What immediately followed Bangladesh’s birth was black, grey and white propaganda, disinformation campaigns, distortions, half-truths, blatant lies, white lies, trivial lies, serious lies, self betrayal and unadulterated partisan brainwashing.

India Created Pakistan & Pakistan Created Bangladesh | General Speaks Out

Gen Asad Durrani explains how West Pakistanis created Bangladesh like India created Pakistan. Learn more on this painful experience for Pakistanis as the two-nation theory fell asunder after 24 years after 1947.

Revisiting Dhaka Debacle – What, When and Where Went Wrong?

The events of December 16, 1971, reshaped the geopolitics of South Asia and changed Pakistan and its internal political struggles forever. Watch this insightful conversation on a tragedy that many in Pakistan have already forgotten.

Lynching in Sialkot – Why Being Ashamed is Not Enough

Pakistan's toxic political culture and confused state vision for nationhood have created extreme contradictions, which have thrown it on a self-destructive path.

Mourning the Queen Wetland of Kashmir

The wintering season has begun in Kashmir, when thousands of birds should be arriving from northerly breeding grounds. But looking at the grim water situation in Hokersar, many migratory birds are heading elsewhere, unable to find suitable habitat in the Hokersar Wetland.

Why One Of The Oldest Pakistani American Communities is in Wyoming

The inspiring story of Zarif Khan, better known as “Hot Tamale Louie,” who arrived in the U.S. in 1907 — 40 years before his home country of Pakistan was even formed. AJ+’s Tabish Talib traveled to Wyoming to uncover the history of Hot Tamale Louie and how so many Khans chose Wyoming to be their home.

‘Pakistani-Americans, North and South Indians More Prone to Heart Disease’

Hypertension highest in North Indians, diabetes and obesity prevalence highest in Pakistanis: Study

A Pakistani-American Doctor Tries to Save Human Lives with Pig Hearts

Muhammad Mohiuddin is at the center of xenotransplantation research, which involves grafting animal organs into dying patients.

Houston Community Comes Together to Support Higher Education in Pakistan

The fundraising served to re-galvanize the support of the Pakistani diaspora in Houston for Habib University, at a time when higher education is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic.

Rittenhouse Verdict Flies in the Face of Legal Standards for Self-defense

The Wisconsin jury decision may portend a similar outcome in another high-profile case in Georgia, where three white men are on trial for the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery after they claimed the Black man was a suspect in a rash of robberies. Like Rittenhouse, the three men claimed they were acting in self-defense.
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