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Canada Mourns Pakistani Family Killed in Hate Attack

Police say there is evidence that the attack was a planned, premeditated act, motivated by hate. Pakistani, Muslim, immigrant communities, and politicians across Canada and beyond have condemned the attack, with many calling it an act of terror and demanding justice.

Asian Mayoral Elections Stir Pakistan-India Rivalry in NJ Town

The most recent race-baiting mailer to fall before voters in Edison seeks to leverage the memory of a violent split that formed the modern nations of...

Pakistani-American Women and Political Challenges

Pakistani-American women receive support from both the US Pakistani community and those of similar cultural roots, religions, and values. But being geographically dispersed, formation of influential voting blocs has not generally been possible for the Pakistani community

Meet the Pakistani-American Candidates for the New Jersey State Assembly

If elected this November, Sadaf Jaffer and Shama Haider will become the first Pakistani American and Asian women to serve on the New Jersey State Assembly.

Pakistani-American Healthcare Company Offers Telehealth Solutions to COVID-Hit India

Founded by two Pakistani-American entrepreneurs, VeeMed has operations globally with offices in the US, Middle East, and Pakistan.

Holy Month of Ramadan Starts in North America

This is the second Ramadan Muslims around the world will observe in the middle of a pandemic.

Artist Humaira Abid Explores Pakistani and American Cultural Taboos

Searching for Home seeks to bring the refugee crisis to the center stage.

Teens Involved in Pakistani-American Driver’s Murder May Get a Plea Deal: Report

Under the deal, the prosecutors would reportedly ensure that the suspects will not be held until they reach the age of 21 or not be put in any jail.

Biden Nominates Pakistani-American to Become America’s First Muslim Federal Judge

President Joe Biden has nominated a Pakistani-American to the US District Court of New Jersey. If confirmed by the Senate, Zahid Nisar Quraishi will...

More Than a Million Dollars Raised for Slain Pakistani-American Driver, 2 Teens Charged

Mohammad Anwar, a Pakistani immigrant Uber Eats driver, was killed when two teenage girls tried to carjack his vehicle in Washington, D.C.
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