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Treachery and Betrayal – Bajwa Doctrine Part 3: What Options Pakistan is Left With

Gen. Bajwa's highly inflammable actions have turned Pakistan into a potential internal battle zone, pitting citizens against each other and most dangerously pitting many against the Army, because of the actions of one man who masterminded this whole scheme.

Treachery and Betrayal – Bajwa Doctrine Part 2: The Case Against Imran Khan

On 16 April 2022, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa in his address to retired officers of Lahore Garrison, finally let the big fat cat come...

Treachery and Betrayal – The Bajwa Doctrine

Strong words these. Treachery and Betrayal. Very strong words. The word Treachery originates from the word "trechcaire" in Old French meaning "to cheat" and today...

The Doctrine of Pragmatism and Pakistani Politics

For remaining “neutral” the Army has come in for a fair share of approbation. Because of a lot of motivated fake news being bandied about by those who hate both the Army and the PTI, it becomes difficult to sift lies from the truth.

Trump’s acquittal is a sign of ‘constitutional rot’

The Senate’s decision to acquit former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial may have been a victory for Trump, but it is a clear...

Lessons from South Africa

Today, the comparison between Israeli and South African apartheid is as pervasive as it is obvious. Just as South Africa and many other settler...

Burundi Requires Greater Innovation

Since the announcement by  Burundian President, Pierre Nkurunziza, to run for a controversial third term in early 2015, political instability across the country –...

The Hate That Divides Us

How do we combat hate for the ‘other’? When the news about the Westminster attack broke, my thoughts flew immediately to loved ones, my...

Deconstructing Patriotism

The Sohni Dharti culture – “each atom of the country being dearer to us than our lives” is deemed a slogan of inclusion, of...

Libyan Reaction: Social Experiments

Some guys from Tripoli lunched an experiment called Libyan Reaction. "Videos for social experiments and pranks to see how Libyans will react!," reads a...

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