Book Review: Tormented Truth, 1971 & Beyond…

By Ehtesham Arshad Nezami

Sultan Mahmood Hali is an accomplished historian, scholar, and author of several books. His new book “TORMENTED TRUTH 1971 & BEYOND” goes deeper into the history of Bengal and the reasons for East Pakistan’s Bengali population’s disenchantment with West Pakistan. He challenges several myths that have been part of the narratives promoted in Bangladesh and India. Distinguished author and journalist Ehtesham Arshad Nezami sits with Sultan Mahmood Hali, political analyst Jehangir Khattak (USA) & the author of the REFUGEE Azmat Ashraf to discuss the book in the context of Dhaka Debacle that lead to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

Courtesy: Ehtesham Nezami Youtube channel

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