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S. Mudassir Ali Shah



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New Low in Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations

The Pak-Afghan relationship, dogged by profound mistrust, has been a zero-sum game over the past 16 years. Efforts to normalize the increasingly rancorous ties...

War in Perpetuity

Top American military commander General (John) Nicholson’s call for the deployment of more Nato troops to Afghanistan has come with an eerie sense of...

Pakistan-Afghanistan Border Blockade

The closure of the Pak-Afghan border has precipitated a new round of tensions between the estranged neighbors, with an amazing capacity to engage in recriminations. In...

Afghanistan: Talks’ Endorsement

The endorsement of the landmark talks in Murree by the Taliban’s reclusive leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has put to rest the skepticism surrounding the...

Afghanistan: Strange Bedfellows

Politics often makes strange bedfellows, more so in a nascent and messy democracy like Afghanistan, where warlords continue to wield enormous power. The recent...
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