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Media Under Unprecedented Assault?

Regardless who is responsible for Pakistan’s dire straits, the reality as of today is that the situation exists and any security establishment would do its utmost to stem the rot wherever and however possible. And that carries a cost.

The Integrity of the Terrorism Debate

International gatherings can be both educating as well as amusing. Educating because they bring together a critical mass of knowledge and experience on a...

Mending Relations with Afghanistan: Is Pakistan Listening?

Following years of acrimony and extreme hostility, Pakistan-Afghan relations appear to be breaking out of the geopolitical logjam. A string of positive vibes since...

Yet Another Round of Optimism in Pak-Afghan Relations

A meeting with Chief Executive of the Afghan National Unity government Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Abdul Raoof Ibrahimi, the speaker of the Afghan parliament...

Is Gen Nicholson Chasing Mirage in Afghanistan?

General John Nicholson, the top US general in Afghanistan, has once more reiterated his country’s displeasure over Pakistan’s alleged support for the Afghan Taliban...

Combating The Enemy in Balochistan

Terrorism has claimed the lives of at least 42 police officials in Balochistan this year, including SP Mohammad Ilyas and DIG Shakeel last week....

Does Iran’s Chabahar Matter?

Is the dispatch of the first Indian wheat gift to Afghanistan via Chabahar only a massive public relations gimmick or is it part of...

Mindset That Rules Pakistan

Most of Pakistan is currently polarized in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s controversial Panama verdict. The socio-political dynamics unleashed by what the pro...

Panamagate: Time to Face up the Reality?

If the Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) finding about two declarations submitted by Maryam Nawaz is correct, she will be facing criminal prosecution on account...

Afghanistan: Beset by Geo-Politics

The Trump administration plans to beef up its nearly 9000 troops with another 4,000 with the stated objective of training and assisting the Afghan...
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