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Making National Action Plan More Effective

The National Action Plan (NAP) was crafted on an emergency basis by a panel of experts after the Dec 2014 terrorist attack on the...

Tackling the Changing Security Paradigm

Fast-paced changes are taking place in all sectors across the world, among them the reshaping of the global security landscape.  This we cannot afford...

Spirits of 1965

Launching the unmitigated disaster that was “Operation Gibraltar” in 1965 it was criminal negligence not to anticipate a far wider Indian response than the...

Targeting White Collar Crime

The sick loan portfolio in the banks started to swell as early as the mid-eighties, the same was not publicly acknowledged in the banks’...

Strengthening Pakistan’s Accountability Mechanism

When NAB (National Accountability Bureau) was established in 1999 the initial target was to go after those who had done bank fraud and/or did...

Combating White Collar Crimes

The National Accountability Bureau Ordinance (NABO) under Section 5 describes a “public office holder’ as an individual holding, or have held, an office or...

Organized Crime Promotes Terrorism

Decline in the political order, deteriorating economic conditions and expanding underground economies have created conditions for profitable activity outside the legal framework in Pakistan....

Summer’s Discontent

Bereft of a political majority and buffeted by a series of crisis, Asif Zardari developed a myth of political invincibility because he lasted out...
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