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Home-grown extremists more lethal for US than Muslim militants: study

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK: Since 9/11, America’s home-grown extremists have killed twice as many people in the United States as the jihadists have, says a report...

Why Pakistan Must Protect Saudi Arabia

Among the comity of nations perhaps only Pakistan has an inherent and recurring penchant to get into a “heads I lose, tails you win”...

Chashma Right Bank Canal


Pakistani Community Holds Mela in Tulsa


Real Causes of Dhaka Debacle

[youtube] Host: Jehangir Khattak Guests: Ikram Sehgal, Dr. Nurun Nabi and Ehtesham Arshad

Live With Dr Shahid Masood, November 17, 2015


India: The Key is Technology, Not Money

India’s notorious dependence on imported military hardware and the near moribund state of large parts of its public sector industry represent a full-blown crisis...

US Set to Sell Pakistan Arms Worth $1b

The United States is all set to sell Pakistan weapons worth about one billion dollars. The Obama Administration, as per the US law, has...

The Web App That Made Information Free

In 2000, Encyclopaedia Britannica recorded its largest annual sales. A mere 12 years later, the brand had decided to stop printing copies of its...

Bangladesh’s Democracy Sinks Deeper into the Mire

By Dr Syeda Naushin Parnini  The country recently witnessed political deadlock causing violence and crippling unrest. Bangladesh’s dysfunctional two-party system, dominated by the Awami League and...
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