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Imran Khan’s Strategic Blunders: Blindly Trusted in People, NAB Was Never Under My Control

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBvL1B2uQh4] In a meeting at Bani Gala, Imran Khan explained to Imtiaz Gul how he was surrounded by mafias and how bureaucracy, as well...

The Way forward-II: Reforming Army’s Command and Control Structure, and the Electoral Process

Both military reforms and electoral reforms must be carried out very close to each other or simultaneously. But if I had to choose which one posed a greater threat to Pakistan, and hence needs to be reformed first, then without qualification, it should be the senior military leadership command and control structure.

Online Pharmacy MedznMore Secures Pakistan’s Biggest Healthcare Funding

MedznMore raised more than $11.5 million in the country’s largest funding round by a healthcare startup, helping the company expand services and hire more tech talent.

Civil Military Relations: Preserving Unity of Commmand

The spontaneous reaction to Imran Khan's exit as PM bringing out massive crowds has deep-reaching implications of sorts: political, moral and security-related.  Though studiedly peaceful in contrast to the Dhaka of 1971, the charged atmosphere has ominous overtones.

Georgia-Pakistan Business Council Formally Launched

The Council will strengthen ties between Pakistani American business owners and Georgia businesses, corporations, and the government besides Georgia's trade relations with Pakistan.

The Way Forward-I: Reforming Pakistan Army’s Command and Control Structure

For 62 years of its 75, Pakistan has been ruled by 4 Military rulers, Generals Ayub (10), Yahya (2.5), Zia (11) and Musharraf (9)...

Dirty, Depleted Kabul River a Risk to Millions in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Scant snowfall in Afghanistan in the past two winters has lowered water flow in the transboundary river, while wastewater from both countries flows into it untreated.

Pakistani Americans, Imran Khan and the US Democrats

They will use their voting power against the Democratic party to punish it because of what they believe Biden orchestrated

View from America: Why Imran Khan’s Coup Theory is So Popular in Pakistan

An irate outgoing prime minister accuses the US of orchestrating his demise in government because he refused to play ball.

Alarming Financial Situation, Hypocritical Narratives, Where is Pakistan’s Narrative?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTkgYSFLDMU] Why Pakistan's entire cabinet is traveling to London for consultations with former prime minister Nawaz Shartif, who is absconding in the UK? Imtiaz...
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