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Admin has worked for several main stream news papers i:e Newyoork Times, The Guardian and View Week.


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Latest news

‘Shahzia Sikander: Extraordinary Realities’ at RISD Museum in Providence

Utilizing performance and various media and formats to investigate issues of border crossing, Shazia seeks to subvert stereotypes of the East and, in particular, the Eastern Pakistani woman.

What Mayor Adams Can Do to Stop Out-of-Control Violence in NYC?

Crime rate has exponentially shot up in the city over the past few months. According to NYPD data, there were 73 shooting incidents in the city from January 1 through January 23, compared with 59 the same period last year. 

Pakistani American Receives American Association for Advancement of Science’s Highest Honor

Dr. Mark Humayun's innovative research in ophthalmology and bioengineering led to the development of the Argus II retinal implant, an artificial retina which allows an unprecedented degree of sight to those with complete retinal blindness.

A Test Case for Judiciary: Abuse of Blasphemy Laws

In all, 947 Muslims were accused of blasphemous conduct in Pakistan so far. This works out to be a staggering 68 per cent Muslim citizens framed under the blasphemy laws. The rest 32 per cent include Christians, Hindus, Ahmedis and Sikhs inter alia.

Assemblywoman Jaffer Announces Shaikh as First Muslim Woman Chief of Staff in NJ

Shaikh is the first Muslim woman to serve as a Chief of Staff in the State Legislature, and Jaffer is the first Muslim, Pakistani American and first Asian American woman to be sworn into the State Legislature.

Here is How a Pakistani Journalist Saved a Canadian Newspaper

Mohsin Abbas, a Pakistani-Canadian journalist, has revived Tilbury Times, a 136 years old newspaper based in Tilbury, Ontario, using his own money and earning praise from the residents.

Meet Reema Rasool, Candidate for US Congress from NY’s District 3

Born and raised in District 3, she will be the first Kashmiri American ever elected to the US Congress if she succeeds in her bid.

Immigrant Rights Activist Jean Montrevil’s Case to be Reopened for a New Hearing 

Jean Montrevil, a prominent immigrant rights activist who was reunited with his family and community in New York City in October 2021, more than...

What is Bioengineered Food? An Agriculture Expert Explains

More than 90% of U.S.-grown corn, soybeans and sugar beets are genetically modified. This means that many processed foods containing high-fructose corn syrup, beet sugar or soy protein may fall under the new disclosure standard.

Pakistan’s Economic Woes: Eating Cakes on a Credit Card!

Pakistan's economic policies under the watch of Prime Minister Imran Khan may have contributed to increased tax collection, and high growth in exports, but the costs are long-term and unbearable for the working class.
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