Arshad Sharif’s Torturous Assassination: The Many Unanswered Questions

By Imtiaz Gul

New details of the assassination of senior journalist Arshad Sahrif have rattled the Pakistani media and has raised new ethical and legal questions. According to media reports, Pakistani state remains spineless and silent, the political establishment, barring Imran Khan’s PTI, silent, the Pakistani journalist organizations are in more passive mode and there seems to be a deliberate attempt to hide the truth.

A TV anchor, Kamran Shahid, showed photos of Sharif’s dead body on his live show, saying he was tortured before being shot dead in Kenya last month. A debate has also started in Pakistan as to why someone who identifies himself as a journalist will release the photos of a dead body without taking the aggrieved family into confidence. There is muted condemnation of Shahid as well but no conversation around journalistic ethics.

Imtiaz Gul discusses the new low in Pakistani journalism and the Pakistani state.

Courtesy: Imtiaz Gul Youtube channel

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