America’s Emerging Political Drama

(Photo by Reizigerin, Creative Commons License)
(Photo by Reizigerin, Creative Commons License)

Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s are now almost certain to get Republican and Democratic nominations respectively. But the bruising primaries on both sides are deepening the fault lines in the two parties between party establishments and the progressive and anti-status quo forces. Neither Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side nor Trump’s Republican rivals are willing to stand down and want to take the contest to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Trump’s rise is giving many Americans shudders because of his extreme ideas. In fact his election becomes a serious probability if Hillary Clinton faces court action over the email scandal or the controversies surrounding her husband’s Clinton Foundation.  Despite her personal charisma, popular appeal and experience in governance Hillary Clinton remains a vulnerable candidate. Republicans, especially Trump’s at times nasty campaign will remain a huge challenge for the former Secretary of State. The coming months are critical for American democracy and the minority vote, such as the one of Pakistani American community will play a critical role. It’s time for the Pakistani community to better organize itself, and support Democratic nominee to stop the rising tide of far right politics.

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