Mayor Adams Appoints Pakistani New Yorker Ahsan Chughtai as a Senior Advisor

Chughtai has been a civic and community organizer for the past 20 years helping elected officials to develop policies for government. He offered his services in helping the government fund non-profit charity organizations.

By A Correspondent
Pakistani-American Ahsan Chughtai. Photo: Twitter/ Pakistan Consulate General New York
Brooklyn-based Pakistani ccommunity organizer Ahsan Chughtai saw his name added to the history books of Pakistani-American community when was appointed as New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ senior advisor for South Asian and Muslim affairs.

An announcement said that Chughtai, 50, will develop relationships with those communities in New York City.

Chughtai has been a civic and political leader for more than 20 years helping elected officials in creating policies for all levels of government, founding non-profit charity organizations, and liaising between community agencies and diverse communities in New York City, it said.

One of the organizations he established is the Pakistani-American Youth Society (PAYS) whose record of service has received praise from community members. The organizaationn has been partnering with other organizations to eestablish and run community gardens, awareness campaigns and initiatives to increase civic engagement among the Pakistai youth, primarily in Brooklyn.

“Our vibrant Pakistani community excelling yet again,” Pakistan’s Consul General in New York, Ayesha Ali, wrote on the Twitter.

The news was shared on Twitter in which Pakistan Consulate General New York.  Chughtai has been one of the close and long old associates of the Mayor for the past twenty years.

Ahsan, who also works as an administrator at the Maimonides Medical Center, is the first Pakistani and Muslim American to be appointed for this post. He has taken the charge after confirmation of the appointment. Ahsan thanked the Mayor for his trust and pledged he would do his best to meet his expectations.

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