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VA Governor Announces Agribusiness Expansion in in Frederick County


Governor Terry McAuliffe. (Photo by Ron Cogswell, Creative Commons License)
Governor Terry McAuliffe. (Photo by Ron Cogswell, Creative Commons License)

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has  announced that Shawnee Canning Company, a family-owned fruit processor, will invest nearly $500,000 to expand its operation in Frederick County.  The company will, according to a press release issued by the Governor’s office, rehabilitate its cannery, built in 1947, and double production capacity on-site by adding a new filling line for its fruit products.  With this expansion, Shawnee Canning Company will create five new jobs and commit to purchase 80 percent – or over 300,000 pounds – of its fruit from Virginia over the next three years.


Speaking about January 8 announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Shawnee Canning Company is a legend in the Virginia fruit processing industry with decades of rich history.  Shawnee has thrived over the years due to its strategic location to key markets, a strong and dedicated workforce, and Virginia’s abundant natural resources, including our world-class apples and peaches.  Today, Shawnee is poised to write the next chapter of its story in Frederick County and I’m pleased that my administration could partner with the company as it grows.  The investments being made by Shawnee will increase production, create jobs, but further highlight the role that agriculture can and will play in building the new Virginia economy.”


Shawnee made a name for itself with its authentic, high-quality canned peaches.  The company also has built a reputation as manufacturers of a vast assortment of products, including jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit butters, ciders, salsa, and canned peaches, which it sells under the Shawnee label and private labels for hundreds of businesses nationwide.  Shawnee specializes in quick-turnarounds for smaller runs of private-labeled products to be sold in farm stands across the country.  In addition to its processing and manufacturing business, the company owns Shawnee Springs Market, one of the oldest farm markets in northern Virginia.


“In addition to the new investment and jobs being created, Shawnee’s expansion will have a positive impact on Virginia’s apple industry, which is the fourth largest in the United States,” said Todd Haymore, Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, who represented the Governor at the Shawnee announcement today.  “The company, which itself is family-owned and operated, has demonstrated a strong commitment for sourcing Virginia-grown fruit from local producers to make its world-class products.  Shawnee’s expansion will provide new opportunities for the region’s fruit growers and others, thus expanding the economic impact of the company’s investment even further into Virginia.”



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